Crystal Unveils New ‘Getaways’ For 2017 Sailings

Crystal is expanding its numerous options for travelers seeking to explore the world in luxury, as the company unveils brand new "Crystal Getaways" for both Crystal Cruises and Crystal River Cruises. The Crystal Getaways – which span the globe to include the British Isles, Western Europe, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe along the Rhine River – are shortened itineraries of existing longer voyages, allowing travelers to experience Crystal's luxury with less commitment of time and additional savings.

Crystal Symphony at sea. Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises

"Luxury travelers continue to seek unparalleled service, amenities and experiences when they explore the world, even with limited time," says Crystal CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez. "Crystal Getaways allow travelers to enjoy a standard of luxury, excellence and unforgettable adventures, without stressing their calendars – while also realizing tremendous savings on the all-inclusive Crystal Experience."

In all, 17 abbreviated Crystal Getaways have been added to Crystal's 2017 roster of worldwide voyages, exploring the lush islands of the Seychelles, the UNESCO-recognized wine country of Bordeaux, the grandeur and innovation of the United Arab Emirates, the coast of the Cape of Good Hope, and the sparkling Christmas markets of Germany, Austria and Hungary.

The 2017 ocean Getaways include:

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